Super Pro 5-Day:
  • Track Radio Station is 88.5 FM
  • Timing System Compulink, Stage LOCK will be active.
  • Cross talk system engaged in Super Pro
  • All odd number lanes (1, 3, 5, 7,) are LEFT lane. All even number lanes (2,4,6,8,) are RIGHT lane
  • Once you are committed to a lane you may not pull out unless instructed to do so by a track official
  • If you break in the lanes you must stay and notify a track official
  • Bye runs will be picked by best reaction time in the previous round or time run. If you should have to race someone and win, the bye run carries over to next round but will not carry over to the ladder round. It is possible to receive two bye runs in same event depending on how the ladder falls or qualified position on elimination ladder.
  • Dial in must be posted 3 pairs back from head of staging in electronics class -no changing your dial in, pass the head of staging unless permitted by staging director.
  • Dial in is drivers responsibility! Driver must check on dial in displays and down track to make sure dial in is correct. No reruns will be granted due to incorrect dial-ins.
  • All cars subject to inspection. Failure to cooperate may result in disqualification
  • Lane Choice, If single file line first car out gets lane choice if not a money round. Lane choice will decided in money rounds by reaction time.
  • CSR run money will be collected in lanes. The participating car with the best overall package in time runs without red lighting will win the bogey money 50/50
  • Super Pro points will be calculated as follows: 20 points for tech, 10 points for every round won, 2 points for winning event, 1 point for runner up event
  • If you break at the head of staging you will have 2 min to fix your vehicle before you are disqualified, if you break in water box you will have 30 seconds before you are disqualified
  • NO DOUBLE ENTRIES (1) driver per car, the car may only go down the track one time per round, no exceptions, but one driver with two cars permitted no tech cards will be sold after the start of first round.
  • All entries are final after 1st round begins unless you are not already in the program or have not gone down the track 1st round.
  • If driver is running two cars driver must have two different numbers.
  • All rounds will be called in sessions by run card. Do not come to the lanes unless your number is called, we will check cards.
  • It is the responsibility of the participant, not NHRA or SGMP to ensure that all safety equipment is approved and is correctly installed, worn, maintained and used.
  • “Under the influence of alcohol or narcotics”, any driver caught under the influence while still in competition will be immediately disqualified from the event and will forfeit all points and moneys due.
  • BREAK RULE, If your car breaks before or during the time run and you cannot get it repaired by first round you may use the entry the next day or the next year, Once you are paired for eliminations there is NO break rule in affect sharing a car that is entered in the race is NOT a option.
  • Points Fund money’s will be prorated if all races are not completed.
  • Camaro and Engine races will be 32 car qualified fields by reaction time off of one time run and it will be posted on a sportsman ladder. Best reaction time from previous round determines lane choice each round.


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