No Mercy Index Class Rules:

No Mercy




There will be 3 Heads-Up index classes contested at the Radial Revolution events. These Heads-Up Index classes are 1/8 mile reserved for full-bodied cars with full fenders, hoods, grille, top, windshield, all other windows, and functional doors. No open-bodied cars of any description are permitted.

The 3 classes are as follows:

6.0 Heads-Up index (.400 Pro Tree)

6.50 Heads-Up index (.400 Pro Tree)

7.0 Heads-Up Index (.500 Pro Tree)

The same car and/or driver combinations may compete in one other eliminator (Open Comp) and one Index class only.

Qualifying Information, Ladder Type, & Tree

The class will be qualified by closest to set index. Anyone breaking out of set index will be placed at the bottom of the qualifying sheet, the worse the breakout is, the farther down the sheet the run will be placed. For cases in which identical index times are made, qualifying position will be based on a first-come first served: the first occurring best index will be placed #1, the second occurrence of said index will be placed #2, and so on. Class will be random paired 1st round with higher qualifying positions receiving lane choice.

#1 Qualifier 1st round is eligible for bye run if there is odd amount of cars, if even amount of cars #1 Qualifier will receive lane choice.

A new bye run will be picked each round based on reaction time from the previous round completed.

An 8 or less car field will be laddered on a pro ladder.

A 9 or greater car field is randomly paired and run until the field reaches 8 cars or less. When the field reaches 8 or less cars a sportsman ladder for the number of cars remaining will be used to pair the cars. Car placement on this ladder will be determined based on reaction time for the last round that was randomly paired. If competitor has received a bye run and used it during earlier rounds of competition, they will be placed on bottom of qualified ladder.


Delay boxes and/or timed throttle stops of any description are prohibited; other than linkage type or inline throttle controls such components may remain on the car but all associated wiring, hoses, etc. must be disconnected (quick disconnects permitted) from the components and all of the wiring, hoses, etc. must be coiled up and secured at least 12-inches from all of the associated components. Non-compliance on any run is an automatic disqualification from the eliminator.

Mechanical type throttle stops permitted; any adjustment during the run is prohibited.

Timers of any type associated with, but not limited to, fuel and/or nitrous delivery, throttle control, suspension, etc. are strictly prohibited. Timer controls on ignition system are permitted.

RPM or timer controlled electric or pneumatic automatic shifters are allowed (One but not both)

Line-locks permitted.

Transmission brakes permitted.

Two-steps and three steps permitted; must be utilized for burnout and launch control only; may not be used for down track RPM/speed control in any manner.


Data recorders permitted.


Payout (all Index Classes)

Winner: $1000.00

R/U:     $250.00

Semi:   $100.00

1/4:     $75.00

1/8:     $50.00





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