General Speedway:
The SGMP Officials reserves the right to add or delete rules at their discretion to improve the safety or competition in all classes. All decision will be final
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Cars: Any 1960 or newer American made car, Sedans no sports cars wheelbase to remain factory stock.


Factory stock or aftermarket metal bodies only permitted must remain stock appearing for the model year and make bumpers required, no sloped noses. Must have full front and rear firewall, driver compartment must be sealed form engine and trunk area. Boxing of drivers compartment permitted must have inspection panel. All doors must be welded shut. Wheel wells may be cut for tire clearance only. Spoiler: factory or fabricated spoiler permitted not to exceed 5" in height and 60" in length.


Stock. Coil springs, any spring, and height cups permitted. Adjustable spacers or jack bolts allowed. Leaf springs stock for manufacturer, Lowering blocks allowed. Adjustable shackles allowed. Spindles and hubs any OEM with ½" minimum studs required on all four, 1” minimum nuts all around. May use tubular upper A-arms on stock mounts only. Bottom A- frames must be stock for make and model. Clutch pedal assembly optional. Proportioning valve optional. Shocks: steel non adjusting one per wheel, Trailing arms must be stock may alter for setting of pinion angle only. Engine location: front spark pug must be 1” ahead of centerline of top ball joints. Sway bars any OEM in stock position, mounting optional.


3100 lbs Minimum with driver at the completion of the race, 55% left side weight maximum.


Engine must be of the same manufacturer as the body, GM in GM, Ford in Ford, Mopar in Mopar. GM 602 sealed crate permitted. Distributor: stock style HEI (may replace coil, module, curve kit). Carburetors:  Quadra-jet side inlet, Holley 4412 or 1850 single line inlet, may remove choke butterfly ONLY no porting or polishing. Carburetor Spacer or Adapter: 1-5/8” maximum between carburetor and manifold including gaskets. Manifold: any cast iron or aluminum manifold no modifications. Headers: collector headers only Heads: Any 23 degree cast iron heads (72cc minimum) no angle plugs, NO porting, polishing or gasket matching screw in studs allowed. Guides plates allowed. Valves 1.94 intake 1.5 exhaust. Springs: Stock style & diameter valve springs, no doubles or beehive, retainers steel Rocker Arms: Stock ratio rollers permitted. Stud girdles and Poly Locks allowed. Cam: any hydraulic flat tappet no 4-7 swaps, lifters stock diameter. Pistons: Any flat top or dished. Stock style wrist pins floating permitted. Rods: Stock length for the make of the engine, aftermarket bolts allowed. Aftermarket OEM type replacement rods permitted. Crank: Stock stroke for the make of the engine, 48 lbs minimum weighed with pilot bushing, cam gear, bolt and washer, aftermarket OEM replacement cranks permitted. Block: Any production block or aftermarket OEM replacement block permitted must be cast iron. Titanium engine parts prohibited this means NONE. No 400 cubic inch engines. Engine must be in stock location and self starting. 

GM 602: Rebuilt: The GM crate motor program has in place in its manual specs for rebuilding (freshening). A rebuilt 602 must meet these specs and may only be done by a GM certified & bonded shop, engine will need to be resealed and tagged by that particular shop.


OEM automatic with operational OEM converter or a STOCK manual with all gears working.

Rear End / Differential:

Any passenger car drum/disc brake rear end using stock mounts and arms for car only (GM-GM, Ford-Ford). May be locked, any ratio. May use 9" Ford, Floater’s permitted. Disc brake conversions may be used, but must be all steel/cast iron.


10 ½" minimum diameter, over the counter single disc, no mini’s, no lightweights; conventional spring type. 16 lbs. Minimum.


14 lbs. Minimum weight. No aluminum.


Aluminum racing seat mandatory.

Fuel Tank:

Fuel cell mandatory. 22-gallon maximum. Mounted no lower than 8" from ground and must have fuel cell guard. Steel firewall between driver and trunk required. Pump or racing gasoline only, no additives.


Racing seatbelts minimum (5) point, 3” shoulder harness quick release style with crotch strap mandatory. A complete approved fire suit, gloves and neck collar mandatory. Helmet must be Snell approved and in good condition. 


Racing steel wheels maximum rim width 8” permitted. No Bleeders must have all studs & lug nuts on all wheels at all times. One inch nuts & 1/2” studs required.


Tires any brand, Hoosier, Goodyear, American Racer maximum width 8.0” must have been manufactured as a treaded or ribbed tire grooving of slicks prohibited.All tires must punch 55 (hot).

Protective Bars:

Mandatory minimum of a 4 point roll cage, full cage recommended, four (4) door bars on left, three (3) door bars on right. Main 4 points must be fully welded to frame rails minimum diameter 1-1/2” with a minimum wall thickness of .090, uni-bodies must be plated.


All ballast must be mounted with ½" bolts on steel only, not sheet metal and painted white with car number. See Safety Rules.


Permitted inside of car only.

The SGMP Officials reserves the right to add or delete rules at their discretion to improve the safety or competition in all classes. All decision will be final
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  1. Any American made 2 or 4 door rear wheel drive car only wheel base must remain factory. No down grading x-race cars to T&L. Example: no pure stock’s, ECT.
  1. Minimum weight 3400 lbs.
  1. A four point roll cage minimum required, driver’s protection bars are mandatory minimum of 3 horizontal bars in driver’s door and 2 in the passenger door, a minimum diameter of 1-1/2”with a minimum wall thickness of .090 must be welded to frame rails and all connecting points must be fully welded.
  1. The roll bar may not reinforce the body and frame or alter the geometry of the race car, but serve only to hold the car off the driver when overturned as a safety measure.
  1. Racing seatbelts and seat mandatory, minimum 5-point quick release racing belts with 3” shoulder harness required. Seat must be bolted with a minimum of six 3/8” bolts to bars that are welded to the roll cage.  
  1. No bracing anywhere of any kind.
  1. All doors must be welded shut.
  1. All glass must be removed including the front windshield. All cars must have a complete lexan windshield or 3 bars with hardware cloth.
  1. Complete metal firewall must seal the trunk area from driver’s compartment.
  1. Complete bumper to bumper steel unibody must be retained.
  1. The stock steel unaltered floor plan, firewalls, trunk, trunk floor, and wheel wells MUST BE RETAINED. All holes in floorboard and firewalls must be covered with sheet metal. NO sectioning, chopping, or channeling allowed. Plastic front wheel well may be removed.
  1. Cars must be strictly stock. No cutting, chopping, channeling or shortening allowed. All body sheet metal including hood and bumpers must be kept in place at all times. Bumpers must be welded to the frame. No gutting permitted. Except for drivers door to allow for door bars to be moved away from driver.
  1. Headlights, taillights all body side trim/molding must be removed. All interior upholstery back seat, headliner, door panels, and carpet to include any flammable material must be removed.
  1. Gas tanks may be original and maybe relocated into trunk. Must be strapped with a minimum of two steel straps front and back and side to side. Must have one inch drain holes (6). Fuel cell highly recommended securely mounted and must be no lower than the center of the rear end housing.
  1. Battery may be relocated anywhere under the hood or in the trunk and must be securely fastened.
  1. Trunk lock must be removed and hood pins must be used.
  1. Mirrors not permitted.
  1. Radios not permitted.
  1. No modifying of suspension is allowable. THIS MEANS NONE!!! (Including caster and camber.
  1. Suspension parts must remain absolutely stock for that make and model of car. NO spacers, jack bolts, spring buckets may be used to alter the cars suspension. Stock shocks in stock location.
  1. Tires must be a D.O.T. approved treaded radial PASSENGER car tire only. Any tire built for the purpose of racing is prohibited.
  1. Stock steel wheels, maximum width 8” white spoke steel wheel permitted)
  1. All four tires must be the same size. NO EXPECTIONS!!
  1. The engine must be strictly stock for that make and model in its original mounts. No high performance parts allowed. Engine’s that are prohibited; supercharged, turbo’s, LT1, LS, double overhead cams, tuned port or HO’s.
  1. Exhaust system must be factory stock for that make and model. Muffler and tail pipe maybe removed. No aftermarket headers of any type permitted. Radiator factory type only.
  1. One stock two barrel or one stock four barrel original equipment only, NO modifications. Option Holley single line #1850 may remove choke rod & butterfly ONLY.   Cars with factory fuel injection permitted, No modification’s of any kind.
  1. Stock transmission and rear end only. No factory high performance equipment allowed. Lock or Posi rear end permitted.
  1. A complete approved fire suit including gloves, neck collar and helmet mandatory. Helmet must be snell approved and in good condition.
  1. Any loss of wheel or tire requires your immediate leaving the racetrack. SGMP will not allow any track damage. NO TRACK DAMAGE WILL BE ALLOWED.
  1. Fire extinguisher mandatory, must be fully charged with pressure gauge, must be within drivers reach, securely fastened “no tape”. State law also requires one (1) fire extinguisher in each pit area minimum 10lb. ABC.


SUPER STOCK 2012/2013


Any American production Stock Front Clip Min wheelbase for class is “101”
Bodies: 1. Factory stock. 2. Aftermarket steel or aluminum must be stock appearing, floorboards and body panels must be in place. All cars must have complete bodies in the proper configuration including fenders, bumpers, roof, nosepiece, hoods, and trunks minimum roof height 48” measured 10” behind the windshield. Aftermarket stock appearing plastic or rubber nosepiece optional; must match make and model of car. Fiberglass hoods allowed. Firewalls: A complete firewall is mandatory between the driver’s compartment and the engine, as well as the driver’s compartment and rear end/fuel cell compartment. The trunk must be sealed completely from driver’s compartment with minimum 22 – gauge steel or .040 aluminum materials. Windshields/Window openings:  All cars must have full lexan windshield minimum 1/8 thickness and be reinforced with 3 bars connected to the roll cage on top and the dash support bar on the bottom. Cars may also run full lexan rear window. All other window openings must remain open. Approved driver side window net is mandatory.
  1. Crate: 2900lbs. Maximum left side 55%
  2. Built: 3100lbs. Maximum left side 55%
Roll Cage Construction:
  • Minimum 8 point roll cage.
  • Must have minimum 4 door bars on the driver’s side and 3 door bars on the passenger side.
  • The roll cage and door bars must be constructed of minimum 1 ½ “O.D. steel tubing with a minimum .095” wall thickness.
  • All butt welds, joints and connections must have gusset plates for reinforcement.
  • Fuel cell protection bar is mandatory.
  • ALL cars: roll bar and rear braces must be welded to minimum 4x6x1/4"thick plate and welded or bolted to the floor with four steel grade 8 bolts, minimum 1/2" in diameter.
Engine Location & Mounts:
The #1 Plug must remain within 1" of the top left ball joint engine must also be centered left to right. All mounts may be changed to solid types.
Chassis / Frames:
Stock front and rear clip for the make of the car. Stock frame (chassis) may be boxed. Unibody may be tied to front and rear with 2 X 2 or 2 X 3. Frame may be X braced. Rear may be fabricated with 2 X 2 or 2 X 3 box or 1" round minimum. Square or round tube jig built chassis is prohibited. No offset chassis.
Seat & Seat Belts:
Racing seatbelts and seat mandatory high back type recommended, minimum 5- point quick release racing belts with 3” shoulder harness required. Seat must be bolted with a minimum of six 3/8” bolts to bars that are welded to the roll cage.
Fuel Cell:
Racing fuel cells mandatory. No plastic fuel cells (no boat gas tanks). Minimum 10” ground clearance. All fuel cells must be fully enclosed in a minimum 22- gauge steel box.
The fuel cell must be strapped down with at least (2) 1" wide steel straps on the top of the fuel cell and (2) 1 1/2" wide steel straps underneath the fuel cell. The straps must be a minimum of 1/8" in thickness.
Only one (1) must remain in front of the engine in stock location.
All suspension must be OEM stock components and remain in stock location. Stock type lower A-Arms. May use tubular upper A-arms. No 3 or 4 bar suspension.
Any spring any height, leaf, coil springs, coil over units allowed. Must be 5" minimum diameter on front. Sway bars optional one piece steel only mounting optional. Adjustable shackles, spring rubbers, sliders, and lowering blocks will be allowed.  After market leaf or coil springs allowed, no fiberglass. May run front adjustable spring or jack bolt cups, Rear coil spring cars can run adjustable bucket. Weight jacks or jack bolts allowed.
Any Steel Body, none adjustable one per wheel may be relocated.
Steering Components:
The steering system must remain stock type steering box, OEM type.  May use aluminum tie rod sleeves and heims, Stock OEM Spindles no aftermarket.  No, flex spring joints! Racing steering wheels and shaft subject to approval of SGMP official.  Center of steering wheel required to have center pad.
Driveline / Transmission:
Any OEM transmission permitted, automatic transmission must retain working torque converter. Standard transmissions must have all working gears. Use of a scatter shield or a “blanket” on aluminum bell housing required. Clutch 7” minimum diameter.
Drive Shaft:
 Steel drive shaft only, must be painted white. Must have at least (2) 360 – degree drive shaft loops (minimum ¼" thick and 2" wide.) One must be located 6" behind front joint.
Rear Ends:
Stock OEM or 9 inch ford rear ends, floater style axels permitted. Trailing arm mounts on chassis must be in stock location. Trailing arms can be stock or tubular heim joint mounted. All hub assemblies and axels steel only. No wide 5 patterns permitted. Drain plug must be safety wired. No quick-change rear ends allowed.
Operable and effective four-wheel hydraulic brakes mandatory at all times. Four wheel disc brakes permitted, stock steel rotors only drilling or slotting prohibited. Brake bias adjusters allowed. No aluminum brake parts. 
Racing steel wheels maximum rim width 10” permitted. NO BLEEDERS. Must have all studs and lug nuts on all wheels at all times. 1"lug nuts and ½" studs required. Max. Track Width 65 1/2" plus or minus 1/2", center to center or inside to outside.
Track approved treaded tires. Goodyear, Hoosier or American Racer must be consistent in compound. Must punch 55 (hot). Decision left up to the SGMP officials. No soaking, chemical treating, cutting, sipping, or altering the tire in any manner allowed. Drivers of cars that have treated or altered tires will forfeit all purse moneys. TIRES MUST PUNCH 55 (hot).
Not permitted
Not permitted
Stock only for the make/model of car, or 4" X 60" max. No Sides.
All ballast must be securely mounted with two (2) 1/2” bolts minimum securing to sheet metal is prohibited. Must be painted white with car number.
Car Number:
All car numbers must be registered with the track prior to providing they have SGMP license.
Doors – Solid, minimum 18" high (not including borders or shadowing), minimum 4" in width. Must be high contrast to body point, borders and/or shadowing.
Roof – Solid minimum 32" high (not including borders or shadowing), minimum 6" width.
Must be high contrast to body paint, borders and/or shadowing. Headlight/taillight – Number must appear, as large as possible, on the covers of the right front headlight. Must be high in contrast to body paint, borders and/or shadowing.
Fire Extinguisher:
Fully charged approved fire extinguishers, with pressure indicators, must be installed within drivers reach. Must be securely fastened with metal straps or brackets. No tape! State law requires 1 fire extinguisher in each pit area, minimum 10 lb.ABC.
Driver/ Safety: 
Approved helmet, driver suit, gloves and racing shoes are required any time vehicle is on racing surface. Neck collar mandatory, head and neck device/restraint system recommended.
Engine Options/Specifications:
1.       GM 88958602 crate all part numbers and casing numbers must be visible for inspection. Engine seal bolts (5) must be in place or it will be considered a built engine, upgrade to GM roller rocker kit #19210728 permitted.  
2.       Built up to 362 CID. Maximum.
Cylinder Heads:
Any 23° cast iron OEM, World Products stock replacement, Bowtie and Vortec heads permitted. Valves one piece solid steel or stainless steel, no titanium. Roller rockers and stud girdles permitted no shaft rocker systems.
Flat top or dished pistons only.
Any make hydraulic or solid flat tappet permitted. Lifter bores must remain stock diameter and remain in stock OEM location and angles. No mushroom lifters.
Intake Manifold:
Any single or dual plane intake permitted. Porting, polishing, welding or matching is prohibited.
GM Quadra Jet or Holley # 4412 or 3310 vacuum secondary with 1-1/16” throttle blades acceptable and may run a maximum spacer adapter of 1” plus one gasket each side not to exceed .065 each. Removal of the choke plate and shaft is permitted adding the secondary metering block permitted BOX STOCK ONLY must pass SGMP gauge test. NO HP SERIES PERMITTED.
 Minimum of two (2) return springs mandatory. All throttle linkage must be made of suitable rod or tubing. A wide open positive throttle stop mandatory. A toe loop or hook on accelerator pedal is also mandatory.
Wet sump systems only.
Fuel Pump:
Stock OEM mounted type fuel pump only. No electric or belt driven pump.
Water Pump:
Stock mount pumps only belt driven. Aluminum permitted. Fans must be steel
  1. Any OEM type HEI ignition only, coil must be in cap.
  2. No magnetos, MSD boxes or crank triggers.
  1. Collector type headers single flange allowed. Over the rail headers allowed. No 180 degree or tri-Y headers will be allowed.
  2. Stock cast iron manifolds ok.
  3. Exhaust turndowns required.
  4. Mufflers optional.
  1. Gasoline only, minimum 10 gallons track fuel required receipt required at payout.    
  2. No nitrous oxide, alcohol, exotic fuels or additives allowed.
  3. Fuel sample may be required after race.
Optional Equipment:
Engine fan, pulleys, belts, valve covers, air cleaner and radiator may be replaced with any after market item.
  1. Water only as coolant. No antifreeze or other water additives. 
Battery may be located in any position except in driver compartment and securely fastened. A master cut off switch must be installed in the driver’s compartment and must be easily accessible to the safety crew and driver. 
The SGMP Officials reserves the right to add or delete rules at their discretion to improve the safety or competition in any or all classes. All decision will be final.
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*Please note: These rules are subject to change in an attempt to maintain fair and equal competition among vehicle makes and models, and in the interest of safety.
(Effective 1-1-12)
A SGMP Technical Inspector or Official may check any car for engine, chassis, oil, fuel, tires, wheels, rear ends, or any other component at any time. Upon entering a car for competition, the driver (and the owner) is responsible for the legality of their car and will suffer all penalties resulting from the car violating these rules. Refusal to submit a car, engine, or any part for inspection or measurement upon the request of a SGMP Technical Inspector or Official will result in an immediate disqualification and may result in fine, suspension, or other penalties by SGMP Track Officials.
The following items will be mandatory technical inspection checks for the top five finishers after a feature race:
1.      Minimum Weight
2.      Head casting numbers
3.      Other items as determined by the Race Director and/or Technical Inspector.
No equipment or racecar will be considered as having been approved by reason of having passed through inspection “unobserved”. Regardless of a car passing prior technical inspections, compliance with all rules must be made at each post-race inspection. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from the technical inspection or approvalAny rules or guidelines not covered will be governed at the discretion of SGMP Race Director and Technical Inspector.
Enforcement of Specification Rules: All SGMP approved weighing, measuring and testing devices used by SGMP Technical Inspector or Official are the standards that will determine compliance with the rules and regulations. A competitor’s equipment, gauge, or instrument will have no bearing on the enforcement of these rules.
1.      Anything not specified in this set of rules must be factory stock for make and model.
2.      Any type of four-cylinder subcompact car or truck may compete, foreign or domestic.
3.      No sports cars allowed (i.e., 2 seaters)
4.      Weight to be one pound per CC after the race, no burn off (2000 lb. min).
5.      Maximum wheelbase 101”.
1.      Engine must be for make and model, Must be NATURALLY ASPIRATED ONLY (2500 max. displacement). No turbochargers or superchargers.
2.      Any cam shaft (solid or hydraulic).
3.      Factory stock OEM heads only.
4.      Must have stock block and crank for make and model of car or truck.
5.      May run aftermarket rods and pistons.
6.      May run racing pulleys.
7.      Headers allowed.
8.      Maximum one inch spacer or adapter between carburetor & intake one gasket per side.
9.      Stock type manifold only.
10. Carburetor, stock or stock replacement only or Holley # 4412 may remove choke butterfly & rod. NO other alterations are allowed.
11. All cars or trucks must be self-starting.
12. All four wheels must have working brakes.
1.      All transmissions must be stock and have all working gears.
2.      Stock flywheel. (No Aluminum).
3.      Must have stock pressure plate.
4.      May run aftermarket disk (disk only).
5.      No racing or quick-change transmissions.
1.      OEM TYPE rear end only (9' OK).
2.      May exchange models.
3.      No full spools.
4.      No light gears.
5.      May lock rear end.
6.      No quick-change rear ends.
1.      Gasoline only as a fuel – must be track approved.
2.      No alcohol, nitrous, exotic fuels or additives.
1.      Stock suspension and steering in stock location only.
2.      Aftermarket springs allowed.
3.      Stock mount racing shocks or struts allowed. No coil-overs other than stock for make and model.
4.      May run screw jacks and buckets.
5.      May modify upper or lower A arms (but not on both sides) to get caster and camber set.
6.      May slot strut towers (towers must be intact).
7.      Camber plates allowed.
8.      Bodies must be metal, complete and stock appearing (must be track approved).
9.      Body may be gutted (add 50 lbs).
10. Frame must remain stock and original wheelbase maintained (1" allowance + or -).
11. May tie frame together.
12. Stock firewall and floor pan must be intact (must be track approved if repairs have been done).
13. Interior may be boxed in with 22-guage steel or equivalent in aluminum.
14. All holes in firewall must be closed with 22-guage steel or equivalent in aluminum.
15. Must have firewall between driver and fuel cell, constructed of 22-guage steel or equivalent in aluminum.
16. Min ground clearance is 4" for all components (except fuel cell).
17. May trim wheel wells for tire clearance (no sharp edges).
18. Aftermarket bumper covers and noses allowed, but must remain stock appearing for make and model.
19. Spoilers are approved (4" max tall). Spoiler must be mounted on rear deck. Stock spoilers OK.
1.      Any new or used racing slick (max. 8” tread), manufactured by American Racer, Hoosier or Goodyear. NO RECAPS!
2.      No soaking, chemical treating, cutting, siping, or altering the tire in any manner allowed. Any illegal tire, in the judgment of SGMP Officials, will be confiscated.
1.      Any aftermarket steel wheel, 8" max width.
2.      2" offset max.
1.      Roll cage must be constructed to provide maximum protection for the driver.
2.      Roll bars must be minimum 1-1/2" OD .090 steel tubing.
3.      Must have 4 bars min in front of driver.
4.      Minimum 4 point roll cage mandatory with minimum 3 door bars on driver’s side and 2 door bars on pass side. Recommend 4 door bars on each side.
5.      Minimum three vertical windshield bars in front of driver.
6.      Recommend welding 1/8" steel plate to completely shield driver’s door bars.
7.      Racing seatbelts and seat mandatory, minimum 5- point quick release racing belts with 3” shoulder harness required. Seat must be bolted with a minimum of six 3/8“ bolts to bars that are welded to the roll cage.
8.      Fuel cell must be completely encased in approved steel container.
9.      Minimum of  9" ground clearance to bottom of fuel cell.
10. No fuel lines in drivers compartment unless completely enclosed in steel conduit (must be track approved).
11. Window net required.
12. Drive shaft must be painted white.
13. All ballast must be painted white with car number.
14. Battery must be mounted outside of driver’s compartment.
15. Battery must be securely strapped down.
1.      No weight-transferring device of any kind allowed.
2.      No traction control device of any kind allowed.
3.      No electronic monitoring or computer devices capable of storing, transferring, or transmitting information. Only basic gauges (oil pressure, water temp, tachometer, etc.) will be allowed.
4.      Any part with altered or missing numbers will be considered unapproved and may be removed by the Tech Official for further inspection.
5.      No Mirrors
6.      No radios.
  1. Mini Stock Protest Fee - $200.00 per item; i.e. carburetor, head, intake, etc.
  2. SGMP will keep $50.00 of each protest fee to administer the inspection.
  3. Fee goes back to protestor, less $50.00, if part is found to be not in compliance with the rules. If part is found illegal, Protest Fee to be divided between SGMP and Driver, less $50.00.
The Management of South Georgia Motorsports Park
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